October 6, 2020

“You Can Keep That To Yourself”

Adam Smyer is the author of  "You Can Keep That to Yourself: A Comprehensive List of What Not To Say to Black People, for Well-Intentioned People of Pallor.” Using humor, Adam relays harsh truths about U.S. race relations through the persona of Daquan, the Black co-worker who also doubles as that one Black friend. In exposing the Black point of view, Adam doesn’t mince words and he is very intentional about its purpose and audience.

From “articulate” to “not all white people” to “uppity,” many of the terms in the book are racial microaggressions, racial dog whistles, or bullhorns and Daquan’s explanations serve as witty and dignity-restoring clapbacks. Read the book review on the Colors of Influence blog.

In our conversation, Adam talks about the creative -- often cathartic -- process in writing the book, and his reflections on its purpose during this important time of racial reckoning. 

(This episode contains strong language.)

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